Therapy Assistant Services

How Therapy Assistants Can Help

We understand that it can be difficult to translate the skills learnt in therapy to daily life, so our Therapy Assistants play an invaluable role in bridging this gap.

A Therapy Assistant can support your child to practice the skills they learn in therapy and apply these throughout their daily life, whether at home, school or out in the community. All of our Therapy Assistants work in collaboration with a qualified therapist to implement a tailored treatment plan to support your child to work towards their unique goals.

Our Therapy Assistants can play a variety of roles based on you and your child’s unique needs. These may include:

  • Providing one-on-one care, support and companionship to your child at home, school or out in the community;

  • Providing individualised learning support in the classroom to support your child to develop skills such as reading, writing, fine motor skills, behaviour and attention;

  • Attending Occupational Therapy sessions with your child and later implementing strategies in daily life to support the application of skills;

  • Supporting your child’s participation in daily routines or leisure activities at home, including assisting with Kinder or school pick-up/drop-off;

  • Providing transport and social and emotional support for your child or young person to participate in the community, eg. medical appointments, shopping, exercise, social outings, or leisure activities.



About Our Therapy Assistants

All of our Therapy Assistants are:

·       Qualified with or currently completing a relevant disability or health qualification

·       Possess a Working With Children Check, CPR certificate, Driver’s License and roadworthy, insured vehicle

·       Provided with high quality training and support from our team of Occupational Therapists

·       Covered by our Workcover and Professional Indemnity Insurance

·       Available to provide support across a variety of locations, whether at home, school or out in the community, either on weekdays or weekends.

·       Friendly, caring, reliable and most of all – fun!

Funding & Bookings

You may choose to pay privately for this service. Or, if you have self-managed or Plan-managed NDIS funding, you may use the funding allocated in either Improved Daily Living or Core Supports to access this service.

Please note that it is essential that your child continues to receive therapy provided by a qualified Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist or other Allied Health professional at least once per month when accessing our Therapy Assistant services. Only a qualified Allied Health Professional has the necessary expertise to assess, diagnose, make professional recommendations and develop treatment plans that are specific, appropriate and safe for your child.

If your child has not yet attended Baobab Therapy or is accessing therapy at a different organisation, you will need to book in for an initial intake appointment with us so that we can understand your child’s needs and match them with a Therapy Assistant who would be a great fit.

Please call us on 0402 455 046 for more information about our current fees or for any further questions about this service.