What is Motor Dyspraxia?

Motor Dyspraxia is a motor learning disability.

It is neurologically based, a child knows what they physically want to do, but cannot get their body to do it.

Children with Motor Dyspraxia are as intelligent as other children, they simply have a problem sending the messages from their brain to their body, which may result in them presenting as clumsy and disorganised and having difficulty with simple everyday tasks.

The good news is, that the earlier a Dyspraxia diagnosis can be made, the earlier an Occupational Therapist can work with your child to assist them to manage learning new skills and mastering the skills they are struggling with.


Types of Dyspraxia

There are two forms of Dyspraxia:

  • Motor Dyspraxia which is addressed and treated by Occupational Therapists

  • Oral Dyspraxia which is treated by Speech Pathologists.

Children with developmental dyspraxia have difficulties acquiring early motor skills and learning new and more complex skills. 

Children with motor dyspraxia may have difficulty with:

  • Learning a new skill

  • Handwriting

  • Problem solving

  • Initiating movements

  • Timing and rhythm

  • Spatial organisation

  • Analysing what is needed for task performance

  • Preparing for the next stage in task performance

  • Generalising sequences and relating them to other skills






When Does Dyspraxia Develop in Children?

Most children with Dyspraxia are born with it, and in this case it is called ‘developmental dyspraxia’ but it can also develop later in life due to some kind of trauma to the brain, through accident or illness.

Dyspraxia affects an estimated 10% of the population and is found in a higher percentage of boys, than girls, although we do not know why. 

At the clinic we have extensive experience working with children with a range of learning and behavioural difficulties. Our work also extends to parents and teachers to support the children we work with. 

If your child has recently been diagnosed with Dyspraxia, or you suspect that your child may have a developmental disorder of some kind, please contact us. At Baobab we have the experience to support the process of a diagnosis and provide caring treatment options to help your child reach their full potential.