Would your child benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Our individual therapy sessions are fun, child directed and designed to meet your child’s specific needs by providing the "just right" challenge. We aim to  develop their skills. confidence and self esteem through our specialised programs. 

What to look for?

Each child can face different challenges in areas of their learning. Here are some common issues that you may notice your child struggling with:

Academic & Organisational Skills

Keeping "on task" and maintaining focus
Managing their belongings
Planning and sequencing tasks
Speed of schoolwork completion
Following instructions

Daily Living Tasks

Dressing, eating, bathing, showering
Using a knife and fork or toothbrush

Fine Motor - Fine movements with fingers

Pencil grip and pencil control
Drawing and scissor control

Gross Motor – Larger body movements

Coordinating their body on playground equipment or during sport - may appear more clumsy than others of similar age
Sequencing and Rhythm - may appear not to know how to move their body and where they are in space
Activities involving balance skills

Visual Perception

Discriminating shapes, colours
Letter reversal and correct spacing between words persisting after Grade 1 

Sensory Processing

Being on moving equipment like swings, lifts and escalators
Tolerating certain touch, textures, clothing, noises, hair-cuts and nail-cutting
Feeding issues - limited diet, avoidance of certain smells or tastes

Emotions & Behaviour

Coping with changes in routine
Self control and emotional regulation
Frustration tolerance and perseverance

Social Skills & Play Skills

Imaginative and collaborative play
Understanding other’s perspectives and feelings
Taking turns in conversation and play
Working in a group, negotiating with others

lycra hammock
Taking the challenge and developing skills and confidence

Mastering new skills in a fun and safe environment