Occupational Therapy Assessments

The first step in bringing your child to Baobab is to arrange an Occupational Therapy assessment.

Assessments differ for each child, so it is something that is decided and agreed upon together between parents and therapist.

We encourage you to call the clinic on 0402 455 046  to chat more about your child. We will then decide whether an assessment is appropriate for your child and if so, what kind of assessment your child might benefit from. 

A GP referral is not essential. However if you intend to use any of the financial assistance plans mentioned on our Financial Support page you will need to arrange this prior to your first appointment. 

If your child has already seen an Occupational Therapist within the last year a new assessment will most likely not be required.


The Assessment

The assessment can take up to 2 hours and may involve :-

  • Detailed Parent Interview

  • Completion of Sensory Profile or Sensory Processing Measure

  • Full Assessment of Gross and Fine Motor Coordination

  • Handwriting Assessment

  • Assessment of Functional Life Skills such as play, dressing and toileting

The cost for the assessment will vary depending on the specific assessment required. This can be discussed with your child's Occupational Therapist prior to the appointment.



Depending on your circumstances, funding may be available to cover the assessment.

If HCWA funding is being used to pay for the sessions a copy of the Autism letter will be needed in order to register.

See more details on our Financial Support page.

The assessment cost includes a full written report and liaison with other health professionals and teachers.

Payment needs to be made on the day either cash, card or direct deposit. A receipt will be issued on the day.